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The most mysterious and mystical places on the planet

In addition to the beautiful places in the world there are many mysterious and sometimes even mystical objects. Such places is the subject of intense study archaeologists and scientists. But savvy travel agencies are inventing new tours to the most hot and mysterious places of the planet. This article will touch on the most famous mystical sights of the Earth.

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In the middle Ages in Paris were many churches, and each tried to grab as much money as possible from parishioners and encouraged burial within the walls of the Church, because they took money for Church rituals. And this is for all the norm that the dead should bury necessarily the Church. All would be fine, if suddenly in Europe came the plague! Here the priests had to string up and bury some of the dead in one grave, from the top to fill the earth and make the following grave. The citizens began to complain about the fact that cow’s milk turn sour because of the stench from the cemetery, but the priest had a different opinion, and argue with them at the time was more expensive. In 1763, the Parliament of Paris forbade to be buried in the city of people, but. the priests continued to bury, to bury and collect the money for the funeral. The last straw was the collapse of the wall in the cemetery of the Innocents, when corpses were littered surrounding houses and street. The authorities almost a year and a half had to clean the street from dead bodies. All ostensibly cleaned and taken careers in tomb-Issoire, now known as the Catacombs of Paris. which is one of the most striking and sinister attractions of Paris.

Perhaps the most mysterious place in Britain is Stonehenge. The appointment was made dozens of versions, from pagan tombs to ancient Observatory, but none of them was confirmed. The obstinacy of the founders of Stonehenge can be compared with the Egyptian pharaohs, because they had to drag stones weighing up to 50 tons tens of kilometers.

The Atlantic ocean is fraught with many mystical places that went under water hundreds of ships. Cape Hatteras is one of those places. Here facing the Labrador current and the Gulf stream, causing even small storm waves over 13 metres high, and transferring sandbanks, complicating extremely the work of navigation. 11 km from the Cape are shallow diamond. It is here that face the current, which during waves lift sand, seashells from the bottom to a height of 30 meters. Few who saw this show managed to survive. During the Second world war and already dangerous place was chosen by a German u-boat, drown more than 70 large ships and a huge number of small. Just during the fighting they lost only 3 subs in these places. In his spare time the Germans rested, and organized sporting events, sunbathing, and all this right under the nose of Americans.

One of the most mysterious places of Edinburgh is Mary king’s close. This area of town planned so that nobody could leave on their own. It is located at the bottom and on all sides it is surrounded by impregnable walls. During the epidemic of plague here drove all patients. Among the sick was little Ann, they say that her Ghost can be seen walking through local streets. In 2003, the city authorities put up a hell of a tourist attraction for everyone. During the tour you can visit the room in which the girl lived, and if you are lucky, Anne will pinch the leg of a tourist.

Another mysterious and mystical place of the Atlantic is the island of Sabl. claimed the lives of more than 350 crews of the ships. Due to strong currents, the island is moved annually for 200 meters, causing numerous problems to the ships. The island has almost no vegetation and with the sea it is not visible. The crew never saw the island was doomed to destruction among the Sands, for 2 months the sand completely swallowed the ship, leaving not even the mast. Sometimes strong waves eroded the sand, exposing the majestic hulls of ships.

Very unusual for the European inhabitant is Easter island. lying in the midst of the Pacific ocean. The island is known thanks to the hundreds of mysterious moai sculptures. They have a height up to 20 meters and weigh tens of tons. Local residents claim that the sculptures were themselves to the place of its Parking lot.

The most mystical place in Japan is Aokigahara forest, also known as the Jukai forest. Usually come here either suicide or riot police in the search for their remains. This area of volcanic origin, beneath the likely of which is iron ore, that at least explains the non-functional compass in the woods. Since ancient times the Japanese were led to the forest of the elderly, children and everyone whom could not feed. Today come here desperate Japanese who wish to commit suicide. Every year in the forest are about a hundred of the remains of suicides. Writer sample to Wataru Tsurumi wrote a book about the suicides, where he mentioned that it is a beautiful place to die. The book sold over a million copies, and soon the corpses in the forest began to find with this book nearby.

Mysterious Jatinga valley in India for a decade or puzzling ornithologists all over the world. And the thing is that every year in late August there can sometimes be “pricepad” lasting a couple of days! The inhabitants of the nearest village specially at the end of August kindle huge bonfires. Around midnight in the valley begin to fly of flocks of birds, one after another stone falling down, greatly delighting the locals. They quickly grab the inadequate birds and are quick to roast on the fire. Of course such a huge number of birds residents can not eat, the remaining birds after a couple of days come to life and fly away. About this mysterious phenomenon has put forward a lot of explanations, from geophysical anomalies to specific atmospheric conditions, but for the locals its explanation – they think it’s a gift from the gods for their righteous life. After all, according to the old-timers here never committed theft and murder.

Calm myself lived, died, residents of the Czech village of Sedlec, until in 1278, the local Abbot cemetery Henry not poured a bit of Holy earth from Calvary. News spread on tens of kilometers, and every devout people in these parts thought that must be buried on the cemetery of the monastery in Sedlec. As the years passed, the plague, war increasingly expanded cemetery, the place was not enough. Then about the year 1400, began to extract the skeletons from the grave and store them in the Shrine, and the vacant places were given for new burials.

In 1784 the monastery authorities decided to close, and land to give to private hands. In 1870 the Schwarzenberg family decided to Refine and hired Frantisek Rint who was engaged at the time of the carving. The result was not long in coming, and soon, piles of human bones turned into the family coat of arms, chandeliers, bone chandeliers, skull garlands were made. Only decorations left at least 40 000 skeletons. Today, this landmark is known as the Sedlec ossuary