The megalithic temples of Malta
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Most unusual churches of the world
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Stonehenge – the great book of secrets from the stone

We are relying on the data of modern Geology, one can agree with him completely: a part of blocks for the construction of the megaliths were indeed somehow taken from the West, but not from stonhenge closest to the quarries. In addition, 80 tons of menhirs, or processed stone blocks, which follow the installed in a vertical position, brought from the southern regions of Wales, located in the Western part of England (in particular, from Pembrokeshire). And it was already on the second stage of construction, i.e. in the second half of the third Millennium. Preselected from quarries in South West Wales, the so-called blue stones were transported to Stonehenge on water – at least, so suggests a famous English archaeologist Professor Richard Atkinson. And more specifically on the sea and rivers into the country. And finally – the final leg of the journey, “front”, which a few centuries later, in 1265, was called, extant, though in a slightly different sense: “the Avenue”. And here is really fit to admire the strength and endurance of the ancients. No less admired and the skill of the stonemasons. Since a large portion of the roofing plates famous dolmen, also known as megalithic structures of the type stonhenge, weigh nickoloden and weight of many of the supports is of the order of several tons. But it was necessary to find suitable blocks, take them to the place of the future building and set in a specific order. In short, the construction of stonhenge, in modern parlance, amounted to the labour feat. Two types of stones In fact, in the construction of stonhenge used stones of two types: strong boulders, the so – called Eolian pillars of avariynogo Sandstone, of which put the trilithon dolmens are the same, or the vertical stone blocks with transverse stone slabs on top, formed the outer circle of the entire structure; and a softer dolerites included in the composition of the ore and coal seams. Dolerite is similar to basalt igneous rock is bluish-gray tint. Hence its other name – blue stone. Two-meter height and dolerites form the inner circle of megalithic structures. Although the blue stones of Stonehenge not very high, it is in them, archaeologists believe, concluded the secret meaning of the whole construction. The first thing agreed archaeologists, is on the geological origin of the dolerites: their homeland is Peteliskiu mountains. But the reason why the ancient ancestors of the Celts had to roll dolerite boulders, the scholars differed. Disputes mainly caused here is the question: whether the people of the new stone age personally I moved all blocks to the construction site of megalith or a stone mingled themselves – as change of the glaciers in the Quaternary period, i.e. long before the appearance of man? The end to disputes was put only recently. At the international conference glaciologists announced the results of their years of research, which boiled down to the fact that in the area of Stonehenge large glacial movements have never been. So the archaeologists were able to dig in full confidence that the move megalithic blocks – a consequence of the enormous human activity.

T O N X E N D W S o ehe ge is a great book of secrets. stone Abstract Student 10 “a” class, the topic of Linguistic gymnasium №1531 teacher Kisel Kirill hudojestvennoi World of culture, Moscow 2001 the Meaning and purpose of Stonehenge. Stonehenge, one of the largest megalithic monuments, is situated on a spacious plain in the vicinity of Salisbury, three kilometers West of Amesbury. Megaliths (from the Greek mega and li hoc – stone), buildings of large blocks of wild or roughly processed stone. These include dolmens, stone boxes, covered galleries. Megaliths are common throughout the world except Australia, mainly in coastal areas. In Europe megaliths mainly dotirujut the Eneolithic and bronze age (3-2 thousand years BC). The purpose of the megaliths is not always possible to install. Mostly they were used for burials or were connected with funerary cult. The mechanism of their construction is still not understood, primitive equipment for their construction was a complicated task and required the amalgamation of large masses of people. Stonehenge is so old that its history was forgotten in ancient times. Anything about it do not write neither Greek nor Roman authors. Probably the Romans, these stones not at all impressed, because they saw ancient Egyptian pyramids, and they built majestic temples. Today it is impossible to establish who was the first biographer of stonhenge. By the 12th century all the information about its origin dissolved in the myths. The meaning and purpose of Stonehenge to this day remain a mystery. On this account many iterations of hepatis, from the most primitive to the most unlikely, for reinforcements which brought the diverse, often unimaginably abstruse reasoning. Inigo Jones, English architect of the seventeenth century, compared this building with ancient architecture and proved that it is a Roman temple. And nowadays, we often hear the thought that these stones had a hand in the alien, once here, created a landing area for their terrestrial expeditions. English scientists Hokens and white proved that Stonehenge can be used as an astronomical Observatory, which allows you with amazing accuracy to determine the azimuths of all the most important positions of the Sun and moon, to predict the dates of eclipses. The placement of the stones was possible in the past to predict the tides, and the arrangement of the individual elements of the complex correspond to the points of sunrise and sunset of ten top stars 12 thousand years ago. Finally, all the proportions of Stonehenge fit into the ratio of the numbers 9, 11 and 60, two of which are already known from the phenomenon of Indian “flying” stones. What adds the number 60? She, as it turned out, gives you the opportunity to obtain two series of numbers, which reflect the distribution of the planets in the Solar system! And, if you believe the complex should be more of them than is known to modern science: not 10, but 12. One at a distance of 50 astronomical units from the Sun with a diameter of 1800 km, the second – about 60 diameter of 1700 km the Original meaning and purpose of Stonehenge and is still subject to much debate. Throughout the atmosphere of Stonehenge there is something inexplicable and attractive. The likelihood of ever solving the mystery is negligible, but for those who once and forever bewitch the beauty of this historical monument and the amazing atmosphere of the surrounding landscape, it no longer has any value.

Design principles for which Stonehenge was created, can be called neither primitive nor random, because the position of the stones finds unambiguous understanding of the laws of perspective. From any angle, in any light these stone pillars clearly stand out against the sky. The participants repeatedly expressed the idea that the builders of Stonehenge possessed more than ordinary knowledge in mathematics In our time as Stonehenge became an object of pilgrimage tourists in the time of the summer solstice, as the main axis of the entire structure indicates North-East, exactly where in the longest days the sun rises, and this fact would strengthen speculation about the mystical significance of the monument. The list of references. 1. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia. 2. Hawkins J. White, J. “Stonehenge decoded” 3. R. Atkinson “Stonehenge”. 4. A. V. artsikhovsky “Introduction to archaeology”. 5. Atlas wonders of the world. 6. World Pathfinder No. 3, March 2000 7. The journal “Echo of the planet” No. 25 of 1998 Interesting facts and events. ———————– Grave construction in the form of a large stone box, covered with a flat plate. Vertically dug into the ground a long stone with a height of more than 4-5 meters. In the Indian village of Shivapur, not far from the local Church, are two stones. The first weight 55 pounds, second at 41. If more of them will touch your fingers eleven people, and to a smaller nine and speak on a specific note, strictly magic phrase, both of the boulder rises to a height of about two meters and hang in the air for about a second as if no gravity exists in sight!———————–

When it comes to our time, the sorceress come into a Country of Eternal Summer (in the tradition of earth magic – a kind of Paradise, where souls go after physical death, to continue their education and development). From the spirit that moves and flows through the Lord and lady, we learn a great secret of the universe on the eternal revival and Ministry to our brothers and sisters. In each life the spirit gives us new lessons of wisdom and experience and prepares us to fulfill our individual mission. Sometimes we are born among his kind; in other cases, we have to look for their “spiritual family”. Many do not remember the chosen path until they reach maturity, but others are instinctively aware of their heritage as they begin to think for themselves. We belong to the tradition of the wise, once appeared on our planet. We are a hidden people returning from the dead in every race and every culture. We are earthly angels. The reincarnation of One of the cornerstones of earth magic is the belief in reincarnation. We believe that after death people go to a place called the Country of Eternal Summer