The control instrumentation workers for 2.5 years methodically working on the project “Ural dolmens” . leaving the area, “spreading” forests, swamps, and inaccessible corners of our region. This is not…

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Pyramid at Saqqara
The very first pyramids are in Sakarya, this is the famous step pyramid. Historians do not doubt, that it was built in several stages, first made a small Mastaba in…

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Mysterious places

Sometimes it seems that all the great discoveries over. People visited not only all the Islands and continents and even in space. However, to relax in any case not worth it. On Earth there are a great many mysterious places, each of which is curious in its own way. Numerous studies of a variety of scientists don’t add any clarity, but questions more and more. Some of the iconic places you know right now.

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Mounds Cahokia

Cahokia is one of the most mysterious native American settlements located on the territory of modern USA. The alleged founding date of this city is considered as 650 ad. However, one of its main distinguishing features is a rather complicated type of construction. It shows that there lived and even prospered very developed society.

Of most interest to researchers are the earthen mounds and the network of terraces, on which were the most important urban constructions.

Also, scientists still can not determine what the ancestors of the modern tribes were the inhabitants of this city, and that zastavili him to leave.


This unusual structure is located in Ireland. It is considered the most ancient. Not surprising, since it was built earlier than 3100 BC.

The scale of this construction are staggering, when you consider that the pyramids of Egypt appeared only a thousand years after that. This building was created using stones, wood and clay. Due to the surprisingly accurate to the design it was and remains completely waterproof. This is one reason that allowed it to survive to this day.

Most scientists believe that it played a role of the grave. However, it was not possible to ascertain for anyone. In addition, it is constructed so that the floor and the monument inside the building is completely illuminated by the sun only once in 1 year.

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