The tarhatinsky Megalithic complex
The megalithic complex was investigated in 1994 by an expedition of the Gorno-Altai state University under the leadership of V. I. Soenov. The facility is located in the Chui steppe…

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The most mysterious places of Bashkiria
The mausoleum is a small stone house was built in the times of the Tatar-yoke mongolskogo in the XII century. Although that housed the Mausoleum and to this day the…

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The most mysterious places of Bashkiria

The mausoleum is a small stone house was built in the times of the Tatar-yoke mongolskogo in the XII century. Although that housed the Mausoleum and to this day the debate continues, because inside the sarcophagus was found. However, such a construction is one of the oldest in all of Russia. According to some, there could be the courtroom, which was tried, tortured and executed criminals, according to other sources it was just a stone Yurt. But for centuries the Bashkirs structure called Cesena, which translated mausoleum.

“And so is this building for nearly a thousand years is a very small and mysterious. As I remember it rocks! I wandered around keshena, fighting the wind, and it seemed to me that in front of me a living creature. What was not the Council that I had violated his winter rest,” writes in ZHZH the user under the nickname Varandey.*

The Chandara

The village itself was not of any historical value, while in 1999, Professor Chuvyrov found a mysterious stone slab. It is a relief map made by representatives of an unknown advanced civilization about 50 million years because. On the plate depicts the area from Ufa hills, to today’s city of Salavat. It shows even the bottom of those rivers. And now the Bashkir digeri note that the area conceals even some mystical riddles. According to them, there occasionally hear disembodied voices and shadows appear out of nowhere.

“I was told that when I come to visit her, it is impossible to talk about than all this nonsense, otherwise there will be something bad. I didn’t listen and said right there that all this garbage and nothing like that exists. After we left the village, suddenly began fog, in which we saw the outlines of deer in that is almost lost. Unfortunately, photos of Chandara only photographed the sign that marks the entrance, inside the village because I refused to work the camera from unknown causes,” writes utimate Vladislav Zubarev.

Holy water Marystow

According to legend, buried here on the mountain the companions of the prophet Muhammad – the son and the father Zubair bin Zayed and Abdulrahman bin Zubair. Water that drains from the foot of the mountain, is considered curative. According to local residents, not just those who came to the source for help to cure the joints, to rescue loved ones from alcoholism or a serious illness, came back here again to tell the source “thank you.” In 2011 it was decided to organize the memorable places, has begun raising money to build a mosque, but it was moving very slowly. Fortunately, the initiative was supported by the Charity Fund “URAL”, and just over a month, Marystow found a beautiful memorial and a mosque.

“Despite the fact that Marystow many are very skeptical, it is difficult to deny that this place has some kind of special power. There are people from all over Russia, bathe the kids, drink, gaining a bottle of water. By the way, to find a plastic bottle there is worth its weight in gold, if you are going to go, take it with you. People climb the mountain in the cold and the heat, to pray about the most important desires, and say that a lot of them running. For example, I met a married couple, a middle-aged, a year ago they came here from the Orenburg region, asked about the baby. Then I returned again – a woman 8 years could not get pregnant and gave birth to a son. Perhaps this is certainly a coincidence, but the fact that people believe in the power of Marystow, – fact,” told us ufimka Svetlana Anisimova.

Akhun mangiri

Uchalinsky Stonehenge does not represent monumental constructions as in England. The scope of our much more modest – the monument is a large circle in the center of which the vertical stone, about two meters in height, near a little smaller and persue all 8 mengirim (stones that stand – approx.ed.). Despite this, the place is a Paradise for pilgrims. According to legend, the abnormal area of Bashkiria here and so are most secret desires. In addition, megalaini complex in the village of Akhunovo included in the top ten places in Russia where, according to experts on tourism, need to go for the fulfillment of desires. Monument in Uchalinsky district celebrated not only as an ancient cult complex, but also as one of the largest observatories in Eurasia for the number of observed astronomical events.

“Akhunova is an amazing ancient monument, which I had to investigate. In the midst of the excavations told me that this is the best monument that we explore in all my life. Once we will not have to find and dig up something like that! We did not understand this object really, never felt its real meaning. I even fantasize about it, nothing can stop imagination, a screeching halt,” says the researcher Fedor Petrov.