Pyramid at Saqqara
The very first pyramids are in Sakarya, this is the famous step pyramid. Historians do not doubt, that it was built in several stages, first made a small Mastaba in…

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How much heard, how many read, how many pictures considered — and yet to truly appreciate the great miracle of architecture, the Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia, only arriving in Barcelona,…

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Under the arches of the Catholic Church

Nikolaev continues to discover the beauty of organ music. October 16, in St. Joseph’s Church hosted a concert of the honoured artist of Ukraine Mikhail Chicherin. This year he celebrated the 55 anniversary from the day of birth and the 30th anniversary of creative activity.

Mikhail Chicherin was a soloist of the Sumy Philharmonic. Gives concerts in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States, Western Europe. In his biography – hundreds of concerts, hundreds of authorities, whom he had met, speaking in different cities around the world. Born and educated in St. Petersburg, graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory in classes of piano and organ, and since 1981 he lives in Sumy. In our city brings a concert program for the third time. And every time gladly responds to invitation of the new nikolayevets.

– I always like to visit in Nikolaev. Very good tool, very good acoustics… And the body fits perfectly in these Gothic arches of the Church. I like your audience – attentive, responsive, very receptive to music…

Programs his concerts are always interesting. Prefers to “mix” them in different styles and different eras. But almost always opens the concert with Bach’s music. And this time in the Roman Catholic Church of St Joseph sounded preludes and fugues by Bach,and works by two of his compatriots, German composer and organist Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706.) and Rheinberger Josef (1839-1901.).

In the second part of the concert, students of the Nikolaev met “romantic organ” – music by French composers of the nineteenth century: Alexander Gilman, césar Franck and Leon Boellman. The “Gothic Suite” by Boellman, written in 1895, is one of the most popular, frequently performed works.

After the concert, the townspeople expressed their gratitude to the rector of the Roman Catholic Church father Peter, because he gives the opportunity to use the organ for secular concerts. The number of admirers of body grows in Nikolaev, and many, discovering a hitherto unknown world of “live” organ music, looking forward to new performances of professional organists.

On 30 October, the season will end with a concert of the soloist of the Kyiv House of organ and chamber music, honored artist of Ukraine Irina Kalinovskaya.