10 tallest cathedrals
The Cathedral is always one of the main temples of the city, or the temple, which is dedicated to some special event, so unlike ordinary churches, the cathedrals were built…

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The Gothic art of France
In some architectural schools (e.g. in England) the number of ribs was great, the builders gave extra rib, so-called lierne, tierceron. Gothic cross in the arch loads are applied does…

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Royal Botanic gardens, Kew in the UK


Keukenhof— the world-famous Royal flower Park in the Netherlands. Also known as the Garden of Europe. The garden is located almost on the coast between Amsterdam and the Hague in the small town of Lisse. Keukenhof garden, situated on 32 acres of land, famous in all the Netherlands for its flowers and large Tulip fields. The Park has 4.5 million tulips planted 100 different varieties. There are three greenhouses: with tulips of various varieties and shades, Golden daffodils and lush lilac in a luxury red roses, incredible Orchid exquisite in third. The Park is open for visitors every year from about 20th March to 20th may and is the absolute leader in landscape display flowering plants, dominated by bulbous. At the end of April, there is a flower parade “Bloemencorso Bollenstreek” — the procession of different compositions, made of flowers. The Park was designed in 1840 by landscape architects Thermi, who designed the planting of the Park in Amsterdam. First exhibition of flowers in the Keukenhof was held in 1949 on the initiative of the town mayor of Lisse, Mr. Lamba. Keukenhof is now annually attracts over 800 thousand tourists from reznikrn.

Garden Nong Nooch in Thailand

Gardens Butchart

Gardens Butchart is a group of flower gardens in Canada. Over one million people visit annually, these scenic gardens. The history of this place is the story of an entire dynasty, in whose honor and named the gardens. More than a century years ago, the family of Butcharts created a garden on their land, thereby replacing its industrial craft – the production of concrete. In 2004, 2 totem pole height of 9 meters were installed here in honor of the 100th anniversary of the gardens and the gardens of Butchart were officially declared a national historic landmark. The ownership remains in the Butchart family to this day. Gardens Butchart, spread out in 50 ark in the southeastern part of Vancouver Island, delightful in any season. And hot summer and cool autumn and snowy winter – there is always something to see, something to marvel at. Bright colors, floral dresses and breathtaking views be presented to visitors while walking along the winding paths and secluded glades.

Desert Botanical garden in Phoenix, Arizona ( USA)

Shanghai Yuyuan

The Yuyuan garden in Shanghai is a private classical garden of China. It is located in the heart of old town Nanshi. Its name means “Garden of Joy”, or “lazy Garden”, and today it is indeed a pastoral world inside modern and hectic metropolis. The area of the Yu Garden is about 4 hectares in the 16th century the Park has undergone reconstruction. In the mid-nineteenth century “Society of the Short Swords” used the garden as a place to prepare the uprising against the French colonialists. Yu was badly damaged in the nineteenth century, and after the suppression of the Taiping rebellion in the attack on China the United armies of Western States. Its modern appearance, the Yu Garden was acquired after the restoration and reconstruction in 1956.

Tropical Botanic garden Fairchild

Botanical garden tropical Fairchild in Miami is one of the largest in the U.S. Botanical gardens, a true oasis with a magnificent collection of rare tropical plants and one of the most popular and visited by tourists and locals attractions Miami. The Fairchild garden is a 33 ha of artificially created landscapes, which housed a unique collection of tropical and subtropical flora. In it grows more than 4,500 tropical trees and shrubs, including about 500 species of palm trees. The territory of the Botanical garden dissected 14 lakes on the system of separate Islands, each of which inhabits an isolated biological habitat. The founders are a unique collection of tropical-subtropical flora, in 1938 became Professor of botanist David Fairchild and businessman, Colonel Robert Montgomery, a private collector and lover of tropical plants. David Fairchild was one of the greatest scientists in the history of the New world. 37 years he spent traveling around the world in search of new species, which are economically useful and interesting for US. They were imported into the U.S., many varieties of mangoes, cherries and bamboo; dates, horseradish and many other useful crops.

Ancient and new buildings in historic sections of cities
As shown in the previous Chapter, many groups over the centuries, changing, replenishing with new facilities and acquired new aesthetic qualities. In addition, each era was created in the historical…

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The most mysterious and mystical places on the planet
In addition to the beautiful places in the world there are many mysterious and sometimes even mystical objects. Such places is the subject of intense study archaeologists and scientists. But…