The tarhatinsky megalithic complex
The tarhatinsky megalithic complex is located 20 km South of the village Kosh-Agach, 2 km North-West of the river Tarkhata, near the road from Kosh-Agach – Dzhazator. Tarhatinsky complex was…

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The secrets of underground tunnels
Rumors about the existence of underground tunnels in Samarkand will always haunt the residents of the city, and in recent years the interest in this subject has increased significantly. Increasingly,…

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Top 10 most unusual castles in the world

Old castles are a special attraction of the country and always attracts tourists from all over the world. Visits to the castles excite the imagination, giving rise to thoughts about the life of kings and knights who had revealed himself only in movies or fairy tales. It attracts people who want to see everything unusual and mysterious.

Each lock has its own characteristics, but all are United in their architectural complexity, uniqueness, medieval ago. For comparison below is the top 10 most unusual castles in the world, which should fail.

1.The biggest castle in the world

It is the Prague castle (Hradcany castle), located in the Czech capital Prague. Castle impresses with its size – its area is 7.4 hectares, and a total of nearby 50 hectares surrounding the Castle built in the year 870, has survived many fires and wars.

2.The colorful castle

This sun Palace is the Pena Palace. It could also be called the castle, which includes a variety of styles – Oriental, Gothic, Moorish, and others. It is located in the Portuguese town of Sintra. The castle was built right on top of a high rock closer to the sun so that its rays played on the colorful walls of the Palace.

3.The darkest castle

“Castle Dracula” or bran Castle located in Romania, near the city of Brasov, called so after the book Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” because of the similarity to the castle from the book. However, in ancient times, near the castle hunted by the voivode Vlad Tepes-Dracula. Perhaps that is why the castle got its name.

4.The most intricate lock

French castle Chenonceau is characterized by a plethora of diverse places. This is understandable, because the planning of land-use planning was focused exclusively on women. At first this was done Catherine bonnes, staining the territory of the gardens, then Diane de Poitiers, added the garden and the bridge. The largest contribution was made by Catherine de Medici. When it appears in the castle of fountains, was laid out a Park, and the bridge was adorned with statues, many columns.

5.The most secure lock

Japanese Himeji castle is located on a plateau, has many buildings and is known in Japan for its invulnerability. No war or earthquake had not damaged this defensive fortress. Despite the military function of the castle, he was very handsome. Romance Japanese Himeji castle gives a spring blossom in the garden who hid himself in the maze for the enemy.

6.The most mysterious castle

To build in Bavaria Neuschwanstein castle used the services of the architect and the artist. This castle was built a bit crazy king Ludwig, who built it for themselves, wishing after their death to demolish the structure. The castle was nicknamed “fairy”, as all the buildings of the king was purely unreal.

7.The quiet castle

Not far from Koblenz in Germany quietly located ELTZ castle. This castle was not touched nor modern conversion, no war, no destruction. It is surrounded by a pine forest and a flooded river Mossel.

8.The most famous castle

This, again, castle Germany the Open. Germany is a country rich in castles, but this castle is best known by tourists as the castle of the Lion. During the Second World the Open has been subjected to serious destruction, so it had to be restored.

9.The scariest castle

Edinburgh castle in Scotland scares tourists by ghosts who inhabit here. There is constantly heard strange sounds and voices.

10.The smallest castle

Estonian castle Kiiu differs from all other small size – the length of the castle with four floors is just 4.3 meters.