10 tallest cathedrals
The Cathedral is always one of the main temples of the city, or the temple, which is dedicated to some special event, so unlike ordinary churches, the cathedrals were built…

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Temples of sex
"The woman in these images takes such poses that become visible every curve of her body. Look at the creases on the back, in the hair and earrings. In addition,…

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Ancient underground shelter

In many regions of the globe, there are ancient structures, it is unknown by whom and for what purpose created. Given the limited technical capabilities of our ancestors, it is impossible to believe that they were built by people of the stone or bronze age.

In the Sahara desert (the oasis of Ghat) from the Algerian border (10° West longitude and 25°North latitude) under the ground is a whole system of tunnels and underground communications, which are carved into the rock. The height of the main tunnels are 3 meters, 4 meters wide. In some places the distance between the tunnels is less than 6 meters. The average length of the tunnels is 4.8 kilometers, and their total length (together with auxiliary tunnels) is 1 600 kilometers! Modern tunnel under the English channel looks child’s play compared to these structures. There is an assumption that these underground corridors were intended for water supply the desert regions of the Sahara. But it would be much easier to dig irrigation channels on the surface of the earth. Besides, in those days the climate in this region was wet, dropped abundant rainfall and little need for irrigation of the lands was not.

Shelters to protect from the disasters that struck Earth during its closeness to the neutron star, and from all kinds of disasters that accompanied the war of the gods, was built around the globe.

Dolmens, which are a kind of stone dugouts, covered by a massive plate with a small round hole for entrance, intended for the same purposes, and underground structures, have served as a shelter. These stone structures are found in various parts of the world – India, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Sicily, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Korea, Siberia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. The dolmens are located in different corners of our planet, remarkably similar to each other, as if made on a standard project. According to the legends and myths of different peoples, they were built by dwarfs, and men, but the latter constructions are more primitive because they used roughly shaped stones.

At the present time in various parts of the world found numerous ancient catacombs, and who knows when dug. There is an assumption that these multi-tiered underground galleries formed in the process of extracting stone for construction of buildings. But why was it necessary to spend a Titanic work, excavating blocks of very strong rock in narrow underground galleries when there are the same rocks, and located directly on the earth’s surface?

Ancient tombs found near Paris, Italy (Rome, Naples), Spain, on the Islands of Sicily and Malta, Siracusa, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Crimea. Russian Speleological Research Society (ROS) a lot of work on the Inventory of artificial caves and underground architectural constructions on the territory of the former Soviet Union. At present already collected about 2 500 objects of type catacomb, Dating back to different periods. The most ancient cave date back to the 14th Millennium BC (the tract Stone Tomb in the Zaporozhye region).

Perhaps, the mysterious underground structures were used as places of refuge from the various disasters that occurred on Earth many times. Preserved in various sources describing the Grand battles between aliens that occurred in the distant past of our planet, suggest the idea that dungeons could serve as bomb shelters or bunker.