Under Kislovodsk archaeologists have found ancient structures for livestock
"In fact, before this score no one did. We are the first expedition, which is studying the traces of ancient husbandry of the population. The purpose of the work -…

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Pyramid at Saqqara
The very first pyramids are in Sakarya, this is the famous step pyramid. Historians do not doubt, that it was built in several stages, first made a small Mastaba in…

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The mysterious dolmens of the North Caucasus

I want to talk about their experiences, about the amazing feelings that were born during my journey in the picturesque mountain region of our country, located between Gelendzhik and Tuapse. And above all these impressions arose from my first personal encounter with located along rivers and on mountain slopes or hills Dolmens.

The guides on this edge can be read as the dolmens – stone structures of the bronze age (2-3 Millenium BC), but even the question of their temporal affiliation remains to this day open and according to different sources ranges from 1 to 2 Millennium BC, Is architecturally amazing facilities, from multi-ton plates, closely adjacent to each other, or in some cases monolithic, carved from stone. In one of the guidebooks we read: “Thousands of years ago, the dolmens were created by ancient peoples in harmony with nature, and today they appear to us as mysterious and beautiful part of the Caucasus,” and further: “…we have to admit that the historical mystery of the Caucasus dolmens still not solved, and today we can scarcely convincing to explain the nature of this bright phenomenon”. In another guide, where the dolmens devoted only a few lines, we see: “the Answer to the question of ownership of these buildings ostaetsya level hypotheses. Dolmens is the repository of ancient knowledge. They were built by our ancestors and was meant for us. Dolmens are ready to reveal the mystery of existence, as understood by our ancestors. A new wave of interest to the dolmens originated after the publication of the books by V. Megre”. I shared this point of view and my journey through one of the most picturesque places of the Caucasus, but direct contact with this historical “phenomenon”, often referred to as the dolmens themselves “megaliths”, as it is we call them, has really caused feelings … that’s incredibly simple and yet very difficult. Probably, much depends on the person stepping on the land of their ancestors coming into contact with a human history of thousands of years. What are we? What do you expect and what you want? How ready are we to open up in this meeting?

Probably, the answers to these questions and will be held or not held our “meeting”, meeting “yesterday” and “today”, the meeting with eternity.

If carry with them the joy, it will multiply, if sorrow it will disappear. Locals, I met, talked about recovery from illness, good health for a long time only from a short visit to the dolmens. In this case we are talking about the dolmen, located in the Renaissance village 15 km from Gelendzhik. This dolmen is called a dolmen health. In other cases, too, local residents, second, and even third generation children and grandchildren for many years from time to time visit their friends Dolmens. Because friends, these meetings were engender a feeling of deep inner peace, as from the presence of near and dear to your heart sincere friend. Suddenly find that they are still breathing otherwise, and now the breath is felt in the chest, in the heart, it’s getting kind of “heart”, warmer, changing the rhythm of breathing, changing people, changing the inner world.

I am deeply grateful to my ancestors – they left us the dolmens, and what we will leave to our children?

In conclusion I want to quote another sentence from the guide: “the Onslaught of time has not been as devastating for dolmens compared to the danger of being destroyed because of human ignorance… brought the Dolmens of the Northern Caucasus, world archaeological fame, they are included in all of the encyclopedia,… but the reputation of the world-class monuments will not save them from the barbaric attitude to them… Hundreds of dolmens destroyed in road construction,… quarry Every year stone giants, created to be eternal like nature, return to dust blind force of civilized savagery.”