The Church of the ascension in Kolomenskoye - Moscow
The Church of the ascension in Kolomenskoye ( [show location on an interactive map] 55°40'02" N. lat. 37°40'15" e / 55.667222° n 37.670833° E. (G)55.667222, 37.670833) — one of the…

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The St. Vitus Cathedral
One of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Europe, St. Vitus Cathedral is visible from any part of Prague. Before him pales all other destinations in the Czech Republic the…

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The influence of geomagnetic zones and religious buildings on the human body

In 1913, French mathematician E. Cartan spoke about the existence in nature of fields arising due to the density of the angular rotation of elementary particles.

“Places of power” and their use

“Places of power” is the surface areas that are beneficial to humans and living organisms. they are called geomagnetic zones (G-zones).

Geomagnetic area is a vertical plane oriented in the direction the compass at intervals of 75-100 m and a width of stripes is 10-50 m. the structure is uneven and in each of them there are zones of higher intensity. The feature of the radiation in these areas is the radiation wavelength (for 21.5 and 62.5 cm), and the nature of their circular polarity.

Positive energy in this zone can accumulate on the media (water, vaseline, cotton wool, apparel). For example, the thus-charged three-liter jar of “living water” is used for the treatment.

In 30-ies of the Soviet scientist L. G. Gurevich found that the organisms are able to emit photons in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum and, moreover, these photons are an essential element of the basis of life – cell division. Developed by Gurevich “the Theory of biological field” was supported by G. I. Shipov in “Theoretisches vacuum”.

Russian scientists A. Akimov and B. V. P. Finogeyev explored and described the interaction of a kind of living energy in the “Experimental manifestations of torsion fields and torsion technologies”.

According to this theory torsion fields carry information about physical processes occurring in all objects. They are not absorbed by the media (have dielectromagnetics nature) although occur simultaneously with electromagnetic radiation, their energy is approaching zero and the propagation velocity can vary from 0 to 10 km / s, depending on the source of the torsion field that it generates.

The existence of torsion fields allows to explain many mysterious phenomena. For example, the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids. Inside the pyramid is generated the so-called left-hand torsion field, which significantly slows down the processes of life. Above the pyramid there is a right torsion field according to the law of conservation of information. Torsion fields, which occur in geological fractures in karst cavities and underground water sources, explains the phenomenon of geopathogenic zones. With these fields and related negative effects on the body all electromagnetic radiation – TVs, monitors, personal computers, radio-TV, other electronic equipment.

However, the fear of torsion fields is not necessary. This field of life. A living cell dies out of the torsion field in five or six divisions. But we should remember that nature “did not foresee” such sources of torsion radiation, like computer, radar or TV transmitter. We therefore need to protect themselves with the help of certain devices.

The torsion field . which permeate the world and define the parameters of existence of all living things, have their own special physical nature.

These fields have right and left components. In classical physics heteronymic particles are attracted and repelled by the same name. Therefore, the torsion and “positive” is trying to merge with the “negative”. So any healer don’t want to hurt – think more about the good, do not swear, try to be surrounded by positive emotions.

In addition to geopathic zones, there is a coordinate grid, which has an extremely favorable positive impact on people. It is formed by the so-called geomagnetic zones – wide vertical strip of special polarized radiation, oriented towards the main cardinal directions.

These areas also form an ordered oriented grid with the spacing between bands of 75-100 m. No accident at the intersection of geomagnetic grids are religious buildings – temples, sacred sites, megalithic structures. The width of the stripes geomagnetic grid ranges from 10 to 50 m. each of them has three two-meter lanes and five sealed bands a width of 0.5-1 m.

These zones radiate electromagnetic waves, which can be determined by dowsing method. Zone healing actions identified in Kiev (old Kiev mountain, the location of St. Andrew’s Church, St. Volodymyr’s hill), on the island of Valaam on lake Ladoga, in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra near G. The Zagorsk Moscow region, near Karlovy vary (Czech Republic), in Lviv.

No accident that our ancestors built the Church away from cracks deep in the earth, and at the same distance, when no influence is detrimental earth radiation and at the same time increases the positive value of the location. In the churches, due to the closeness of cracks, and change our perception of the world.

In benign areas the planetary field has a different electronic warehouse, enabling it life-giving influence on the human body. Such favorable places give their energy to a person, help to rejuvenate the body, give health. These “places of power” has long been called “Holy places”, they had built churches and monasteries.

So, the Church is built on ritual zone where the structure plays the role of a hub, which increases the intensity of the life-giving radiation. An additional role is also played by prayer, which enters into the body of the acoustic signals. The words of the prayer chosen, therefore, to provide a sequence of acoustic frequencies, which increases the body’s ability to perceive the healing of the planetary radiation.

Science has become closer approach to unraveling those big knowledge laid out in the Bible, the Quran, the teachings of the Buddha and other religions. The prophets knew that the thought is material and that it can be both forming and destructive force. It all depends on what you are thinking and where is HER desire.

In some cases, religious buildings were erected on points of pathogenic zones. Its harmony and the ability to adjust the energy-informational exchange, they neutralized or fully neutralized the pathogenic effect of such zones.