Old buildings in the world
As already noted, the main trend of the modern world are the processes of globalization. It is a natural natural process, occurring according to the divine plan - the process…

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The stained glass Windows of Gothic churches
STAINED glass — painting or ornamental composition, made of colored glass (or other light transmissive material), glass painted window, door, in the form of individual panels. This is a special…

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Gothic cathedrals

Recently there was a post about tourist places, which look in reality not so, as you can see on the advertisements of travel agencies. And we discussed with one girl beauty Stefansdom in Vienna. After that I got the idea to do a post about my little passion – Gothic cathedrals. As well as a diploma pass and reserved, exams are still a month, and you can relax.

I must say, I’m no architect, I just like to enjoy the beauty of each detail, each stained-glass window. And I dream to explore all the places that I will list further.

Start with the Burgos Cathedral .

Seville Cathedral

Where without Notre-Dame-de-Paris? And in my opinion anything and should not write.

Architecturally remarkable dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi and the cladding from the external side of polychrome marble panels in various shades of green and pink flowers with white edging. The Duomo was designed that could accommodate the entire population of the city (at the time of construction — 90,000 people), i.e. a kind of huge covered square.

The St. Vitus Cathedral

In the chapels of the Cathedral are buried Czech kings and archbishops of Prague, where the crown jewels are kept medieval Bohemia.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Stefansdom just struck me. High, light, sublime! And how sad that it cannot be viewed from all sides, the area is too Malenjkaja such a huge building.

And my eternal love and favorite Cologne Cathedral

Once seeing Kelnerm you will never forget it. This impression is when you walk out the train station and see Him. I’m just lost. In the first visit I photographed every window pane, every detail on the ceiling. Inside so peaceful and well becoming. Not enough words to tell you how much I love him.

And you can say your, pocket version – the Church. Nicholas . Kiev

Gorodetsky built in 1909, is now used as an organ hall.

Do not understand how in the dark Middle ages, the plague still raged, and the people believed that the Sun revolves around the Earth, it was possible to build such a beauty! As. Like the castles of the elves from Tolkien. Impossible beauty.