Most unusual churches of the world
Sacred places are unique architectural structures, most of which for centuries not only take believers and religious people, but tens of thousands of tourists. Temples are structures present in almost…

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The Russian Freemasons. What secrets lie beneath the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God
In the village Yaropolets, Volokolamskiy district of the Moscow region is unusual noble mansion, once belonged to count Chernyshev. The manor holds many mysteries. And yet the most mysterious building…

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Comparison of compositions of facades of Gothic cathedrals of France

The facade of Notre Dame de Paris with its clear horizontal and vertical articulation, as would be hard-embedded in the dense wall of portals, magnificent rose and as if grown from the body structures of monumental towers is a perfect product of a well-established style.

In the temple are three entrances, the portal, leaving framed in the depth of the arches; above them are niches with statues — the so-called “Royal gallery”. the biblical images of kings and French kings, which they identified with the characters of the old Testament. The centre of the Western facade is decorated with window-rose, and above the side portals stretched up Windows under pointed arches. On the towers of the Cathedral are sculptures of fantastic monsters — the chimeras. In Notre-Dame de Paris combines the features of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Massive towers of the facade are characteristic of Romanesque architecture, while the cross vault resting on arches, the use of flying buttresses, flying buttresses, pointed arches and multiple Windows — the features characteristic of Gothic art. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris responded to the increased political importance of the city

as the state capital and has completed the first stage of development of the Gothic style.

The main facade of the Cathedral of Reims is much otlichaetsya classical Facade .Portals, leaning forward, deep-lying rose framed by high arches and a high second floor creating a new type of Gothic facade. in him strongly dominated by vertical lines. Admired capitals are located on the same level, not interrupting thereby the alternation of vertical and horizontal lines. This impression is enhanced by the monotony of the similar decoration of the side aisles.

The Amiens Cathedral

The Cathedral, built by Robert de Luzarches is a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture and also the last in a series of Gothic cathedrals of Ile-de-France, erected in the XIII century. The Cathedral was so large that could accommodate the entire population of Amiens, numbering at that time about 10 thousand people.

Huge the rose window of the Western façade belongs to the XV century. On the facade are three portals and the gallery with sculptures in niches. The tower facade is asymmetric: the Northern tower above South. On the Central portal of the medieval sculpture of Christ.