Egyptian Pyramids
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The megalithic complex of Pinako
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Mysterious megaliths of the Kemerovo region

In the mountains in the South of the Kemerovo region, geologists have found a “wall” of piled up on each other rectangular stones. The find has been dubbed the “Russian Stonehenge”. According to one version, the structure appeared in the times of ancient civilization. For the first time researchers interested in this area in Mountain Shoria in 1991. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to explore the territory was not possible due to lack of money. Work resumed this fall.

Available technology of ancient

One of the initiators of the expedition — a native of the Kemerovo region researcher George Jones. He wrote in his group in the social network: “expedition to Mountain Shoria. What we saw there, shocking in its scope. Huge granite blocks stacked in a wall of polygonal masonry”.

“The geologists compared the structure found with Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. They are going this summer again to go on an expedition to solve the mystery of its origin”, — told ITAR-TASS Deputy Chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian geographical society Eugene Vertman.

According to preliminary estimates, the height of the wall about 40 meters, and the length is almost 200 meters. The length of the stones, sostavlyayushchaya, about 20 meters, a height of 5-7 meters. Each block weighs over 1,000 tons.

Scientists are considering two versions of the origin of the structure. One of them, it appeared in the times of ancient civilization:

“Most likely, they had other, incomprehensible and inaccessible to us technologies, is also said Eugene. — Of course, the questions arise: why did they built the building, how they managed to lift the blocks on the mountain height of over 1,000 meters. To all this we have to answer”.

According to another version, found stones are the result of geological processes associated with strong weathering of the rocks of Mountain Shoria.

“Now we try not to jump to conclusions. We need proof, he added a PhD geologist. — Next year we intend to conduct a more detailed expedition, with appropriate equipment.”

Strange, but true

According to the report of the expedition to do research in Mountain Shoria has long asked geologists from the village of Stones Mezhdurechensky district. During their research they came across a strange megalithic structures. It happened in Soviet times, when the roads in the Mountain Shoria were blocked checkpoints in correctional colonies. After rebuilding places of detention were disbanded, and the road to the strange megalithic objects was open.

In September of this year, the geologists went on an expedition to study the findings. Among them were, not once, been in the mountains and know the techniques of rock climbing. Members of the expedition was 19, all from different places: three of Krasnoyarsk, one of Barnaul, three from Moscow, two from the Kuban, two of the conductor of the Kuzbass and the rest of the Vasyugan group of 7 people. In a former geological Stones village the group was met by local geologists who have become leaders of Amateur expedition.

“What we saw exceeded all our expectations, — says Georgy Sidorov. — We faced the wall composed of giant granite blocks, some of which reached a length of 20 meters and height 6 meters. Interestingly, megalithic masonry is sometimes alternated with polygonal masonry. On top of the wall we saw the traces of the melting of the breed. It was clear that before us the buildings, destroyed by powerful thermonuclear or any other explosions. What are these facilities to find out we failed. But we photographed megalithic blocks, locks, joints, scattered around a giant granite bricks. In the afternoon we went to the nearest peak, where he saw a strange cyclopean construction from upright slabs of stone, standing on a giant Foundation. We all came to the conclusion that an ancient energy Central, because in some places the vertical plates of the condenser was blocked by powerful horizontal blocks”.

In the expedition, according to geologists, happened, quite frankly, mystical things: “…We decided to do research of the ruins. And what was our surprise, when the arrows of all compasses began to deviate from the megaliths. The conclusion was simple: we are faced with unexplainable phenomenon of negative magnetic field. Where did it come from? Maybe it’s a residual effect from the ancients, antigravity technology”.

Now geologists are trying to understand the pattern of the location of the ruins and find the answer of their appointment.

Meanwhile, other scientists don’t tend to see the results of the expedition as something unique.

According to excavations carried out on the territory of Gornaya Shoria, the age of the oldest finds is less than 10 thousand years, — said Sibgeo Professor at the chair of archeology of KemSU Valery Kireev. — As for the so-called “Russian Stonehenge”, if in this expedition discovered some remains of the cultural layer, then it would be possible to say that this monument is man-made rather than natural.

The opinion Kimeeva agree, doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Bobrov and honored scientist of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences Anatoly Martynov.

— I must say that in recent years such “sensations” have become very popular. What I saw in the pictures, created by nature. The finding of similar geological formations have long been known, since the beginning of the twentieth century, and even then the nature of their origin was beyond doubt, — said the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Museum-reserve “Kuznetsk fortress” Yuriy Shirin. — The necessary archaeological excavations, which can be detected artifacts, because such places attracted people for thousands of years. With respect to the wall, which was found by the expedition, the question of its origin to solve it easily — built walls of different stones, which will differ in its structure, and here we see a single stone of the array, which acquired the appearance of masonry.