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Ancient castles, from the most ancient to the most beautiful

Everyone who is involved with the romance of the middle ages, sooner or later becomes wonder which castle is the most ancient, the biggest, most beautiful…

I will try to answer these questions to the best of their knowledge and the information that can be found on the Internet.

Russian sources suggest the role of the oldest a lot of different locks. But if you open the English Wikipedia list of the oldest buildings in the world, it turns out that scientists found the oldest ruins of the stone walls of the castle or perhaps the fortress is located in Germany North of the Alps.

This structure is called Heinsenberg (it. Heunischenburg). However, this name, according to the researchers, was given to fortification in the middle ages, and its walls were built in the 9th century BC.

However, it is recognized that Heinsenberg unlikely to be fully what we today mean by the word castle. And in this case we have much more reason to believe the oldest, located in England, Dover castle.

As you see in the picture, we lock in the full sense of the word, besides one of the biggest in the UK. And the start date of its construction – the first century of our era. Moreover, the castle complex includes even the tower of the lighthouse, preserved since ancient times.

However, other elements of the structure except the above-mentioned tower, erected in where bluepastry period, namely, in the 12th century (not counting the fact that reconstructed and rebuilt in the next century). And it was common practice in medieval Europe, when the locks were laid at the place of the FORTS left over from the ancient Romans.

So the British are usually considered the oldest castle in the UK Chepstow. This castle is in Wales and was built in the 11th century (construction began in 1067, about three years before the founding of the famous Windsor castle).

Well, taking as a point of reference the date in polaresco period seems quite logical. And in this case, the oldest castle in the world – French Loches in the Loire valley, the construction of which began in the 9th century. However, the original structure was wooden and has long remained so.

The latter circumstance compels most researchers to call another oldest extant, though only in the ruins of the French castle Doue-La-Fontaine, built in the middle of the 10th century.

But the oldest surviving castles properly – langeais, built in the late 10th century in the same Loire valley.

Subsequently, the structure was significantly damaged during the hundred years war, but was rebuilt and expanded. While the facade of the main tower and a number of other elements remain the same as at the base of the castle.

Having dealt with an ancient castle, go to the large. If you believe the Guinness Book of records, this castle complex of Prague Castle. Although, in fact, it is not a castle and fortress, covering an area really extends on an impressive area of almost 67 thousand square meters.

While the Prague Castle sometimes try to make God and the laurels of the old castle on the grounds that at the end of the ninth century on the site of the complex was built the first building of the Church. However, the first stone Palace here arose only in the 12th century. From which it must be assumed, if, as in all dictionaries, to realize under the castle home of a noble Lord, at the same time serving as a home and fortress.

However, the title of the largest castle actually belongs not to the Prague Castle, and the Polish castle of Marienburg, built in the late 13th century. Its area of nearly 150 thousand square meters.

Since the 14th century, during a century and a half Marienburg was the main residence of the Grand masters of the Teutonic order, and then another three centuries there lived Polish kings.

As for the most beautiful castles – the choice comes to your subjective tastes. Someone may bring to those mentioned above Windsor castle, which is just below to the oldest and largest.

Other most impressive romantic and also very small in size Bavarian Neuschwanstein, photography which I opened this article. And someone, maybe the piercing will seem simple beauty of Mir castle in Belarus.

However, each such structure is interesting in its own way. And below you will find the list of ancient fortresses and castles, detailed stories about which you can read on my website.

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