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The St. Vitus Cathedral

One of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Europe, St. Vitus Cathedral is visible from any part of Prague. Before him pales all other destinations in the Czech Republic the Gothic style, so it is unique and unrepeatable.

St. Vitus Cathedral: history

This colossal structure has no analogues in the world not only for its Gothic architecture, but primarily its history. You know at least one building, which was built over seven centuries? Now you can see: the Cathedral of St Vitus Cathedral began in the mid-fourteenth century and was not completed even to the XX century. Historians distinguish several stages of his storied construction.

Stage I: 1344-1419, the Initiators of the construction of the Cathedral was made by the Archbishop Ernest and king of Bohemia Charles IV. The temple was originally conceived as a place for the coronation, and the family vault of the Royal Treasury. Due to the Hussite wars, the construction was halted.

Stage II: 1490-1510, Czech king Vladislav Jagiellon wanted to finish the construction of the great Cathedral and committed him to ratu Benedict, a talented architect, but the process was suspended due to lack of funds.

Stage III: 1556-1593. Attempts to finish the Cathedral of St. Vitus, which resulted in the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral and Baroque elements.

Stage IV: Finally, 1873-1929 Josef Kranner (architect) presented the program at the end of stroitelstva. He personally headed the repair work and managed to get rid of the elements of Baroque. After the death of Kranner new architect Josef Mocker had to finish the reconstruction.

Finally in 1929 the construction of the legendary Cathedral, which lasted nearly 600 years, was completed.

Features of Gothic architecture

The Cathedral of Prague has all the features of a typical Gothic architectural style. From the other Gothic structures it differs impressive dimensions and other features:

the length of the main nave is 124 meters;

the Great South tower – 96 meters;

the height of the stone neo-Gothic towers of 82 meters;

the round window in the form of Rosetta – 10 meters.

The extraordinary beauty of the three portals of the Cathedral decorated with stone and bronze sculptures and reliefs.

Your attractions Prague holds sacred and reveres: in this city the Cathedral is a real sanctuary for local residents. Seeing his greatness and beauty, appreciating its cultural and historical heritage, tourists understand the inhabitants of Prague. In the evening you can relax by the beautiful singing fountain. He equally loved and respected, after all, is a very famous landmark.