The influence of geomagnetic zones and religious buildings on the human body
In 1913, French mathematician E. Cartan spoke about the existence in nature of fields arising due to the density of the angular rotation of elementary particles. "Places of power" and…

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The Republic Square
The Republic Square is just couple of minutes walk away, there are the famous Powder tower, Municipal house and the largest shopping centres "palladium" and "Kotva". Powder gate – the…

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Most unusual churches of the world

Sacred places are unique architectural structures, most of which for centuries not only take believers and religious people, but tens of thousands of tourists. Temples are structures present in almost every city of the world and each of them deserves special attention. However, some just shake their beauty and architecture.

The Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter, Vatican

To replacee religious structure, is the center of Christianity worldwide. The building, the total height of 136 meters, covers an area of more than 2 hectares, and at the same time can accommodate about 60 thousand people. On the territory of modern St. Peter’s Basilica in 324 ad, the first Roman Emperor the Church was built.

The current Church served 1,200 years until it was converted into a large Cathedral, which seemed the present. In the construction and alteration of the Church in the Cathedral was attended by the famous personalities of the era: Bramante Donato, J. Lorenzo Bernini and Michelangelo.

The Sagrada Familia, Spain

Literally, the name translates as the Church, however, rarely, it is called the Cathedral. Built on private donations, the Church in Barcelona in 1882. Over the project worked famous Antonio Gaudi. who created an architectural masterpiece.

The construction of the temple was interrupted,when all the layouts of the architect were destroyed in 1936 because of the war. Although the building was restored, but the refinement continues today. Connected for a long period of construction that is carried out only by the contributions of parishioners. In the meantime, the temple has already received a second name – “the Temple that will never be completed”.

Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral), France

The spiritual heart of Paris is located in the Eastern side of the île de La Cité. The dual stylistic notes of the architecture of the Cathedral always attract millions of tourists. Coupled Romanesque and Gothic architecture create incredible beauty of the architectural structure known all over the world.

Despite the fact that the construction of the Cathedral began in 1163, and was completed 200 years later, praising it as the most significant and large-scale construction in Europe. As with any Gothic Church, the Cathedral was decorated with wall painting, and the only source of light in the temple are huge stained glass Windows.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

The Orthodox temple located on red square of Moscow. Today is a monument of architecture, the Department of the State historical Museum located in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The Cathedral of the intercession, as it is considered – the most visited place in Russia, which is its calling card.

Notre Dame du Haut, which translates as “virgin Mary on the heights”, France

The pilgrimage Church Notre-Dame du Haut built of concrete in 1955. The Catholic Church, built quite outside the box initially raised the protests of the local population. The roof is shaped like the line of sea shells, sculptures, fashioned out of sand, which later became the prototype of the chapel, are now attracting huge number of tourists.

Crystal Cathedral (the Crystal Cathedral), USA

In the state of California is rather unusual Protestant Church looks like a normal skyscraper. Architect Philip Johnson used it for the construction of about 10 thousand glass blocks.

Las Lajas, Colombia

This is a lightweight with built in 1949. With the construction of this temple is a legend, according to which a deaf and dumb girl speaking in the place of the temple, asking his mother to stay in located near the cave. There, the girl drew the virgin Mary with her son. Acknowledgements this legend is not, however, the Gothic Cathedral of Las Lajas is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the world.

Temples always attracted people. Place with historical spirit, healings, prayers and just extraordinary beauty will always occupy a place of honour in world architecture.