The great wall of China
The development of Chinese architecture found its expression in the construction of palaces, monasteries, and temples. The materials except the stone were wood, bamboo, cane, clay and terracotta, earthenware, porcelain.…

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The influence of geomagnetic zones and religious buildings on the human body
In 1913, French mathematician E. Cartan spoke about the existence in nature of fields arising due to the density of the angular rotation of elementary particles. "Places of power" and…

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The stained glass Windows of Gothic churches

STAINED glass — painting or ornamental composition, made of colored glass (or other light transmissive material), glass painted window, door, in the form of individual panels.

This is a special kind of decorative art, acquiring huge expressiveness in combination with other fine arts, especially architecture.

In fact, stained glass is a mosaic: pieces of colored glass of various shapes and textures, United in various ways, create an expressive composition. Stained glass as a versatile piece of decor is easy and elegant fit into the interior of virtually any style, from solemn classical to the laconic minimalism. Stained glass can make a bright and decisive emphasis to the color ensemble of the interior. Sunlight through stained glass, creates an amazing effect, the unique play of light, which never tire.

The glass surface can be gladkoi or ofakturennogo. Stained glass, usually used for filling window and door openings, skylights and niches, is a special kind of monumental and decorative art and is closely linked to the architecture of the building and interior.

Composed of separate pieces of glass stained glass Windows reinforced with lead, steel or plastic belt. Contour, or silhouette, stained glass collected from a glass circles, laid horizontal or in vertical rows; patterned stained glass pieces prozrachnogo glass ofakturennoj patterned poverhnostyu; mosaic stained glass Windows are assembled from colored glass and usually have the form of geometrical ornament or carpet pattern.

Mosaic stained glass is often used inlay of the finished cast glass plugs. The picturesque stained-glass Windows are assembled from colored glass painted with ceramic paints and subsequent firing of the details. Now apply the stained glass Windows of reinforced glass with fusible paints painted, engraved, chemically etched parts, three-layer stained glass, and stained glass Windows from Plexiglas. Stained glass Windows are embossed thick chipped glass (mounted on cement, reinforced concrete), colored mirrors. There are many new methods of decorative processing of glass for stained-glass Windows (including sandblasting, casting and pressing, color treated).