The Russian Freemasons. What secrets lie beneath the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God
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Mysterious ramparts on the East of the Crimea
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Stonehenge. and UFOs?

Surely most people on the question of which object in England is the most mysterious, definite answer: “Stonehenge”. And all unmistakably recognize him in photos, even if you have never been to Britain. Indeed, this giant circle of huge standing stones impresses modern people.

But that is not the answer to the basic question — who and for what purpose built this megalithic object.

Someone sees it as an ancient sanctuary to the unknown gods, someone ancient Observatory, and some sort of stone computer. But none of these hypotheses is able to answer many controposto, the main of which can be formulated as: “Why for its construction had to drag for 400 kilometers of stone blocks weighing tens of tons from Ireland from the mountains of Preseli, where only and occur used for the construction of the Stonehenge rocks?” Maybe we just do not realize about the true purpose of this historical monument?

By the way, imagine an incredible situation: our descendants among the ruins of ancient Moscow encountered the cyclopean structure, something like the ancient Roman amphitheatres and is able to accommodate a hundred thousand people. It is unlikely they would think of such a ridiculous idea that it was built only to two dozen parseimage to drive by his field leather ball. And here is how the hangar for any aircraft with anti-gravity engines, the construction is quite suitable. And here arises the blasphemous idea — what if Stonehenge was performed similar functions?

For example, some other mysterious artifacts of England provide clear evidence in favor of the assumption that in ancient times over the Islands of anyone flying. First of all, these are the most famous objects, like the Trident, the White Horse and the White Man. They all have enormous sizes, allowing you to see the figure fully only with the height. And, curiously enough, they are made on the same technology as that mysterious figure on the Nazca plateau in South America: the contour of the removed soil layer, exposing the Cretaceous substrate. With this technology the picture, but rather a token that is stored for centuries.

And who in those old times there are not flying, for a successful flight needed or visible by artificial landmarks, or a system of global satellite navigation. But such traces are not found, although the navigation satellites on stationary orbits can exist for thousands of years.

Find amazing came about by accident: Moscow publishing house “Veche” gave the readers two books by J. Hawkins “Stonehenge decoded” in collaboration with Dzh. White and “From Stonehenge to the Incas”. Second, the book I found interesting is a photo of this building taken from the height of 150 meters. Inside the small hill, 12 metres in diameter. The two Aubrey holes found 56 in the XVII century. Thus, the hill seemed to look up with both eyes.

And again, the most suspicious detail maps of the surrounding area of Stonehenge was Kursus. This name appeared for the first time in 1740 in the book of Dr. W. Stuckle “Stonehenge-a temple.” If Hawkins is given his description: “It is a strip about 90 feet wide and 2.8 miles long, bordered on both sides by ditches and low ramparts. Located less than a mile North of Stonehenge. Its Eastern end terminates a few metres from the long burial. West, covering two round burial ground, extends almost up to 132 meters.” We will hold the line from the centre of Stonehenge through one of the portals and mid-Cursus, and now look where this track leads.

North of Cursus is one long collective burial. Further, the line touches the curves of the river Avon. Further, river Kenneth, passes through the middle of another long eagle West Kenneth. And, finally, at the end of the road is Avebury — a kind of double of Stonehenge. From Hawkins he described as “a Giant ditch with a diameter of about 380 yards. On the outside of the moat large shaft. On its border is a ring of about 100 giant stones, the weight of the largest of more than 40 tons.”

Of course, the reality on the ground surface such route no: road of ancient times ascended the hills of a height of about 200 meters and walked around. By the way, the map can be detected and a water path connecting Stonehenge and Avebury. And here’s the direct line connecting them resembles the route of flight where literally every 2 kilometer you can see landmarks, much-needed rainy and foggy Albion.

And what is interesting, from Stonehenge to pave many perfectly direct routes to the coast and fish the shallows. Of course, it is difficult to suspect the ancient inhabitants of Albion that they had no helicopters to fly behind the fish, and return with the catch, but so is evidence of contact with those who is piloting the UFO? Otherwise, why would the ancient Britons to paint the skin blue with woad? Or haul it from afar bluish multi-ton blocks? But after all someone flew there!