In the past two years by an expedition of the Chelyabinsk scientific center, there were works on the study of megalithic structures found near lake Turgoyak, North of Miass, Chelyabinsk…

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The secrets of underground tunnels
Rumors about the existence of underground tunnels in Samarkand will always haunt the residents of the city, and in recent years the interest in this subject has increased significantly. Increasingly,…

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Modern formwork

Modern technology formwork business has moved far from the existing practice for decades. From the point of view of technological operations of solid concrete construction in a formwork principle has changed a bit. But the changed requirements to the quality of the molded using the formwork, concrete forms.

From the history

The formwork system used in Ancient Egypt – so says French architect Berto. To make such conclusion, he has helped multiple studies of Egyptian pyramids, including the famous pyramid of Cheops. According to Berto, two and a half thousand years ago the ancient Egyptians knew how to make artificial rocks — some kind of cement block. They resorted to the method of the formwork. That is, in the form of thin metal sheets poured mortar made of sand, stone chips and water from the Nile. Artificial solution of the Egyptian builders had filled the seams between the blocks. Thus achieved the effect of a single monolith, discouraging many centuries scientists around the world. Continue reading

The Russian Freemasons. What secrets lie beneath the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

In the village Yaropolets, Volokolamskiy district of the Moscow region is unusual noble mansion, once belonged to count Chernyshev. The manor holds many mysteries. And yet the most mysterious building complex is today the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Unique structure that combines the Church and the family tomb

The Conqueror Of Berlin

The owner of the estate of count Zakhar Chernyshev entered the history of Russia as the conqueror of the capital of Prussia, Berlin. With 13 years Chernyshev was recorded in the guards in 1748 as the commander of the St. Petersburg infantry regiment participated in the campaign of the Russian army on the Rhine. Soon Elizaveta Petrovna Chernysheva was awarded the order of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Commanding a corps of grenadiers, in the bloody battle of Zorndorf (1758) Zakhar Grigoryevich several times personally led the soldiers to attack. And in September 1760 Chernyshev corps entered Berlin. Continue reading


The control instrumentation workers for 2.5 years methodically working on the project “Ural dolmens” . leaving the area, “spreading” forests, swamps, and inaccessible corners of our region. This is not an easy job for real travelers and researchers, not those that the trips associated with the kebabs.

And the results of nezamedlila “to appear” – we found more than 100 dolmens, and “moved” to the second hundred. Creates a unique map of the location of these unique structures. Work in full swing, but we will have to do a lot more. Often heard remarks about the ineffectiveness and inappropriateness of our research. We decided to convince the “weak-willed”. The proposed scientific publication on the results (intermediate) on the expedition “the Ural dolmens” .


In recent years, historians of information was published about the Ural dolmens, located to the North of the city Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region. The initiator of these searches was AA Cheerful. Subsequently this work was expanded V. G. Nepomnyaschiy. They suggested that these are ancient monuments close to Caucasian European constructions of this type. Continue reading

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